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Fireworks 3D Animation for Everyone!

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The First and More Advanced Drag and Drop 3D Fireworks Simulation Software.
Developing since 2006.
From the leaders in 3D Pyrotechnic simulation design software.
The power of the professional VisualShowDirector software is now accessible and affordable for everyone.
Design your own Spanish,French,Japanese and Korean!

Export your shows to ANY firing system !

Watch The Video Presentation !

Click here to see high quality snapshots of the video presentation

What is PyroCreator 4D ?:

It is not 2D fireworks on 3D models like other programs.
The difference is that this is the only software that allows you to conceive and design authentic 3D fireworks animation in a 3Dimensional environment, combining in the same show multiple models or pictures.

Why 4D?
3 Dimensions in space + time dimension = 4D

PyroCreator 4D
Is the most intuitive pyrotechnic design and simulation software ever.
We've made PyroCreator 4D even more fun to use, it can be used as a stand alone visual design for amateurs or as a fast sketch pad for Visual Show Director professional users, all in one visual interface.

Fx Generator
The FX Generator is the application used to create your 3Dimensional Effects and Libraries to be used in VisualShowDirector and PyroCreator.
FxGenerator is a flexible, creative and fun tool to use that can be learned in one day.

Easy to Learn, Fast and reliable.
We've made PyroCreator 4D super easy to use. With new tools to easily place positions. Drag and drop from a large library of effects to positions in selected music cues... Creating a show is a snap!

Thousands of Free 3D Models available from Google 3D Warehouse*.
We made it easier to find and use models around the world from Sketchup* and Google 3D Warehouse. PyroCreator 4D directly opens Sketchup models in addition to 3D Studio Max* .3ds. Choose any model and create your fireworks event on it. Access Google 3D Warehouse right from the application toolbar link to your browser.

Google 3D Warehouse* Model Navigator.
You can use PyroCreator 4D simply as a model navigator, load many models, and change from one model to another on cues placed in a soundtrack. You have full camera navigation controls and timing. Render to Video or to a VSD Player particle animation file.

More Realistic!
Smoke, Wind, Drag and Fade, Stars core illumination. New effects with new particles and more coming...

Cameras for traveling scenes!
Move and fly around the scene with dramatic views and record the cameras.

Exchange, collaborate and share!
With PyroCreator 4D, you can exchange models with positions ready and also exchange entire shows for a collaborative team design.

Render your shows to video and upload them to Youtube* or other services.

Publish PyroCreator 4D
shows at the highest particle animation quality with the free VSD Player.

Your audience will be able to navigate and control the show viewing in a real time 3D Environment just as you see it in PyroCreator 4D.

Easy Registration and Activation Online in 2 steps:

  1. When you open the software it connects to our Registration-Activation online form.
  2. Enter Your Serial Number and installation Id and Receive your Activation Code and begin using the software.
System Requirements: We recommend a machine with at least 1.7ghz CPU and 256MB (512 or more recommended) of RAM with a dedicated video card (Nvidia or ATI) with at least 64MB (128MB recommended) of dedicated RAM. New laptops with accelearted onboard graphics work also very well.

*PyroCreator is a Trademark of Infinity Visions Inc.
*3D Studio Max is a trademark of Autodesk.
*GOOGLE, Google 3D Warehouse, Youtube, Sketchup are trademarks of Google Inc.