PyroCreator 4D and FX Generator
by Infinity Visions
Fireworks 3D Animation for Everyone!

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PyroCreator 4D is the most intuitive pyrotechnic design software ever. With PyroCreator 4D, you can create your pyrotechnic shows with many different effects and combinations of effects; flares, gerbs, strobes, comets, serpents, tourbillions, rockets, mines, roman candles, cakes, peonies, chrysanthemumns, color change shells, multibreaks, etc.

How to Use PyroCreator 4D:

Complete feature list of the PyroCreator 4D:

ALL IN ONE interface.
Viewer with direct placement of positions. Cameras, Storyboard for copying, cutting , pasting, offsetting scenes or groups of cues. Effects, Models and Cues panels. Drag and drop operation with minimal typing.

Multiple 3D Models in one show.
You can place as many models as your computer memory can handle and switch from one to another instantly in any cue.

Direct Access to Google 3D Warehouse.
Access 3D Models from the toolbar.
PyroCreator 4D can open directly Google Sketchup 6.0 models.

Preview of Effects.
See any effect from the library fired from any selected positions just by double clicking, before you insert a cue.

Preview Angles and Orientations.
Work with the vectors diagram to set your angles and preview the placement of the effects in the sky. Full Pan and Tilt controls for a real 3D firing experience.

Choose Pre set Firing Patterns.
You can choose from pre existing firing patterns and create and store your own.

Camera Movements.
Easy to place camera views and transitions to create traveling motion around the 3D environment.

Effects Libraries.
You can use effect libraries made with Visual Show Director FX Generator or with FXCreator the new generation of effects.

Cue List.
You can preview in text row format a complete list of your cues. Non editable.

Effects in Cues.
You can edit any effect dropped into a cue and/or position in the Effect Cue Panel, with snapshot visualization, angle, calibers and durations. Transform effects into new ones by combining them.

A wizard screen will help you step by step to start your projects and select the necessary files.

Positions Editing.
Unprecedented manipulation of the positions in the same display viewer window. Select one or more positions and change vectors direction. angles, names, rotations.

Storyboard for Scene Editing.
Create scenes from cues, copy, cut, move. Export favorite scenes and reuse them in future shows with the Import Scenes tool.